COVID-19 Safety Measures

BEGINNING EASTER, Sunday April 4th:

The church will take its first steps in resuming a pre-pandemic observance of the Lord’s Day. As of that day and going forward masks will be optional. Seats in the sanctuary will be positioned closer together (allowing for three feet of space between seating rather than the current six feet). This will double seating capacity. 

The service will continue to be shown in the Fellowship Hall which will be used for additional seating as needed, or for those who prefer to continue six-feet of social distancing. The worship service will once again be one hour instead of 45 minutes. Current ventilation practices will continue.

All Sunday School Classes will resume on Easter Sunday. The session requests that adult classes dedicate one Sunday per month to prayer for one another, the church, and its missionaries.

In addition, beginning in late May, we will look forward to welcoming Ridge Haven summer staff to worship.

The session gives thanks to everyone for your past observance of the precautionary protocols that were deemed prudent and thus implemented. Until further notice the sermons will continue to be prerecorded and sent out by email as will mid-week Bible Study videos.