Adult Sunday School

Sunday School Classes will resume on Easter Sunday. We would love to have all join us.

The session requests that adult classes dedicate one Sunday per month to prayer for one another, the church, and its missionaries.


Women’s Class

The women’s class has been headed by Joan Young and is usually topical, using both the Bible and well-written books as the main sources. Often we will draw on someone to teach a specific subject matter.

Beginning April 4 the class will continue watching and discussing the DVD “Pleasing God by R.C. Sproul.

This class meets in classroom #6.


Mixed Class

The mixed class is taught by Rev. Tom Osterhaus, a retired PCA pastor. For the past several years we have been doing Bible survey, going through the Old Testament and now currently the New Testament. Beginning April 4, he will continue teaching through the Book of James. This class meets in the Fellowship Hall.

Both classes rely heavily on discussion and seek to make what we believe both practical and relevant.